Milan Fashion Week

It is a world class event created to launch the inclusive fashion message with the new trends in fashion e design.

Iulia Barton proposed to develop the international fashion event in the context of Milano Fashion Week, Iulia Barton for this event has selected a number of top models from all over the world and 5 de- signers with the aim to increase the aware- ness in the community, represented by people with disabilities, through their individuality.

The attention to promotion and protection of collective wellness, through the use of an international event, expresses with fashion an accessible language to every- one.

For Milan Fashion Week in 2016/2018“ Made in Italy” designers were Angelo Cruciani, Carlo Pignatelli,Giuseppe Fata, Massimo Crivelli and Diego Salerno.

Made in Italy is  famous in  every part  of the world,  fashion  stores   of   Moschino,   Versace, Armani, Valentino, Ferragamo are presented in every corner of the earth.    This    prestigious value is  part of  our  success  because  many maisons were an active part of our mission.