What We DoIulia Barton S.r.l.s. select women and men from around the world who belong to the social context not included in fashion industry like disability, poor condition, prisons, violence and abuse. The agency works to transform these new faces in professional models and new icons for international catwalk.

Model Management

We select professional models and worlwide new faces. . Our passion turns into having an individual relationship with every model.

Inclusive Fashion Agency

We find a top models in a different social realities to generate new aesthetic codes.

Fashion Week Production

We create sponsor meetings and press conferences for our fashion week production in Milan and worldwide.

Photo Shooting

We work for build a professional portfolio of our models and introduce them in the fashion business.

International Casting

We do pre-casting on iuliabarton.com and we select a new faces that after an individual casting and photo shoot, will be part of our industry.

Stylist and Designers

We have an important network of collaboration with hight fashion designers and young talents, to produce our fashion show.
The world change. #iuliabarton

Milano Fashion Week 2016

The members of Iulia Barton S.r.l.s. have been working with Vertical Foundation for Milano Fashion Week 2016

Thanks to our professionalism and experience the event was organized in Unicredit Pavilion with the following competences:

  • international pre-casting and casting;
  • stylist and designers coordination;
  • sponsors and public relations;
  • fitting and training;
  • trip, accomodation and general logistic services.
Sponsor Opportunity
"Find yourself". IB

Recent ProjectsProgress projects on Iulia Barton S.r.l.s. fashion activity and visual culture. Recents and futures works for a global dissemination of inclusive philosophy.

Fashion is Great

Iulia Barton has worked with English designer Sadie Clayton for Fashion Is Great Project in collaboration with the Department for International Trade and Altaroma

New York Fashion Week

The members of Iulia Barton S.r.l.s. have been working with Vertical Foundation and Mercedes-Benz to produce New York Fashion Week 2015.

Milano Fashion Week

The members of Iulia Barton S.r.l.s. have been working with the support and patronage of Vertical Foundation, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to produce Milano Fashion Week 2016.

Opening Casting 2017

This years 2017 will be awesome moment for new faces. The casting is open, Iulia Barton S.r.l.s. is first line for "A New Era".
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IB CEO Collaboration

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