Nickson Yannick Mpeck
28 Jun 2017 28 Jun

Nickson Yannick Mpeck

28 Jun 2017 28 Jun
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I am nickson yannick mpeck. I am Cameroonian of origin and I am 22 years old. I live in France, former footballer, I lived in a club in Switzerland (Fc Nyon) in second Swiss league. I got spotted in the street by a young creator who asked me to parade for him and it is at this moment that I said to myself why not. So I dropped the football and I started in the mannequinnat. It is now 5 years that fashion and modeling are part of my favorite trades that I exercise with great professionalism.

My biggest dream has always been to scout for great fashion designers and great brand, go around the world to participate in several fashion events and participate in the milan fashion week. I am someone who is very listening, funny, very seductive, notwithstanding, I am afraid of scorpions and snakes. Speaking of my experiences in fashion, I have already been a complementary actor in the shooting of a French film entitled "Love on the spot or to take away" by Amel CHABBI and Noom as main characters. Participate in several parades for the support of associations as it is a way for me to make myself useful to society. I also participate in fashion week of Paris and I was muse of a brand of underwear Germany. I love going out with friends, reading and cinema because for me it is important to know what happens in the world through newspapers or through pictures.

  • Height 183 cm
  • Bust 102 cm
  • Waist 82 cm
  • Hips 77 cm
  • Shoe Size 43
  • Hair Color Black
  • Eyes Color Brown

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