April 2017

Created: Wednesday, 26 April 2017 12:07 | Tags: fashion

Iulia Barton Model Mehdi Nabbache, on Tuesday 20 April 2017 is the winner of the prestigious event "Best Catwalk Of Algeria 2017". The Algerian Model has performed in front of many people and jury with many high-level protagonists.

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My name is Eric Schauvinhold from Argentina. Im a doctor, i love to play wheelchair basketball, spend time with my family and friends. My dream is to live in a world with out prejudgment and violence.

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  • Torna la Milano Fashion Week con le sue sfilate, i vip in front row ed i top brand del "made in Italy". Protagonista assoluta della nuova edizione 2018 sarà la passerella proposta dalla Iulia Barton - Inclusive Fashion Industry.

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  • Iulia Barton is proud to announce Antonio Urzi as partner, he collaborate in Hollywood and internationally fashion shows. Antonio Urzi long-time collaborate with Armani and Versace, known for Designing outfits for LadyGaga, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Britney Spears have all worn his masterpieces.

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  • "The Ocean is wide, the Ocean is huge" - "海は広いな 大きいな" this is her childhood memories includes floating in a small inflatable pool, daydreaming about mermaids and singing a children's song. This is Erena's philosophy, the first Underwater Photographer in the world who collaborate with Iulia Barton - Inclusive Fashion Industry.

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